Man will have Gods Beauty and Virtues

Gods or Immortals also have the best appearance. People always use “goddess” to describe a beautiful look, often say “pretty as a fairy”, and always regard “immortals” as the most beautiful. The ancient philosopher, Zhuangzi, described gods as “having the skin like ice and snow, graceful as a virgin”, every one of them is a most nice-looking person.

 Everyone loves beauty, and everyone wishes to become an eye-catcher. When someone asked the famous wife of Roosevelt, Mrs. Elinor Roosevelt, what more regret she had in this life, her answer was:Just wish to be prettier. It is a sentence uttered after a careful thinking, being the words from a most worshiped and beloved lady. And such a wish does not only belong to females. The world-famous writer Rev Tolstoy wrote: “What else can affect a person’s prospect than his (her) appearance? There is nothing than a person’s appearance that can determine whether the person is lovable or annoying.” British scientists have found, men with a handsome look may find better jobs than those lacking attraction, and earn more money. The researcher in London’s Gilde Hall College, Killings, points out:Secretaries with ordinary looks will have an income 15% less than those pretty ones. Some researchers have also found, men considered as lacking attraction will have an income 15% less than those more handsome ones;Females with ordinary looks will also have an income 11% less than those prettier ones.

 Having an appearance like a goddess, was only a dream in the past. Before long from now, by modern or future science and technology, everyone may have a beautiful countenance beyond match.

 The gene engineering will uncover the gene related to appearance, then, we will be able to control our own appearance, height, skin color, hair quality, and the growth development of bone, nerve and so on. By taking a pill, you may turn your hoary hair into black hair, so, “hoary hair” will become a term of the past;Even the innate eyeball color can also be changed. You can design your skin color at your will.

 Cosmetics will be “made on your demand”, and you may have the unique face refining cream of all kinds designed according to your own skin quality. You even can stay at home, asking the Internet-based beauty treatment masters to serve you. Cosmetic technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, it is very common to see artificial skin, artificial bones and even artificial five sense organs, thus, if you want to change your appearance, it will be as easy as writing a cheque. The health beauty expert working in Canada, Sindhi Theo, said: “It is no longer something concerning the face. It is only that by using the technology available, mankind improves their unsatisfactory part of the body.”

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