Mankind needs second Renaissance

In the 21st century,mankind needs a second Renaissance,that is, a stormy ideological revolution! Only after the second Renaissance has come can an even greater technological revolution follow.

Technological revolution and ideological revolution are the twin wings for mankind’s flight. Only when both wings have been used together can mankind soar to the incomparable fine world it is longing for.

In the West, the industrial revolution and technological revolution took place only after the Renaissance, which remolded the Europeans thoroughly, causing great changes of Europe in technology, economy, politics and society. The Renaissance was just a great ideological revolution,whose greatest value consisted in the realization of a great liberation in people’s ideology and spirit. Now we need a new great ideological revolution,that is, a new Renaissance. Just as the great scientist Qian Xuesen said: “What we are now faced with is the Second Renaissance in fact,which will be a great event. The First Renaissance occurred in the 16th century,which broke the fatuity of the medieval time and opened up the road of development of modern science. What I mean is just that there are still many things that are enslaving our mind. Those who are bonded in mind seem very fatuous. What we should do is just to break the bondage, so as to bring about a greater total leap in our understanding and reconstruction of the objective world. Isn’t it a second Renaissance?”

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