Mankind takes pursuit of limitless happiness and joy

Whatever we do, in the last analysis, is for mankind’s maximum happiness. The essence of happiness lies in joy. In all ages, mankind takes the pursuit of limitless happiness and joy as the highest cause. With regard to the world in which this highest cause has been realized, Christianity calls it “Paradise” or “Land of Promise”, Buddhism calls it “Pure Land”, and “Elysium”, Islam calls it “Heavenly Garden” or “Fairyland”. No matter what it is called, it refers to the highest prospect with incomparable joy.

 If living is a pain, and it is impossible to see the joy of tomorrow, people will choose to end their life by their own hand. Can you not see there are so many people going to the lower world at their own will in each country, each nationality, each year, each day, each hour and each moment? A long time ago, Li Dazhao (1889-1927, famous communist and martyr) uttered this truth that is simple but many people have not uttered yet: “Only the joy-seeking life philosophy is the natural and true life philosophy.” Even if a person can live to a thousand years or two thousand years, but if he is in suffering all the time, I think, there will be no one wishing so. Why has euthanasia been legalized in more and more nations and been accepted by more and more people? Why has helping others to end the life also become a very humane and loving act when we are fully certain there is no way to change a painful life into a joyful life? Why do some philosophers say “Those who invent euthanasia are great, those who are willing to accept euthanasia are great and those who help people with euthanasia are great”? Aren’t those enough to prove “the joy-seeking life philosophy” is a true life philosophy?

 As the proverb says, “As happy as a god”. “A god” is incomparably joyful and daylong joyful. That is just what future mankind should attain, namely, in ecstasy 24 hours every day. By technology, we may shorten the sleep time. By the gene map, we can find the gene that makes people feel happy and optimistic, and can implant the optimism gene or joy gene into a pessimist. Also, we can use all kinds of technology, for example, by finding out the part of the brain that produces joy, we may stimulate it continually, so as to make joy all the time.

 Above all things, the daylong ecstasy must be gained from creative work. When work has become the primary necessity in life, and when everyone can do the most interesting work, work will become the greatest headspring of joy. In future society, all the dull and heavy jobs will be given to the robot, and all mankind needs to do will be challenging, creative and entertaining jobs.

 “Lyre, chess, painting and calligraphy, poetry, wine and flowers: All of them were indispensable in my life. But now all have changed: I have to deal with firewood, grain, oil, salt, soy, vinegar and tea instead”. It is a doggerel to describe the trouble of trivial housework. From now on, all the nigglings such as “firewood, grain, oil, salt, soy, vinegar and tea” will be trusted to the robot, and everyone can enjoy the pleasure of “lyre, chess, painting and calligraphy, poetry, wine and flowers”.

 Meanwhile, education reform will show more concern for people’s pleasure, helping them to learn how to make joy, how to be happy, how to remain optimistic, especially to teach them the techniques to develop an optimistic and joyful character. Having a joyous character and way of thinking may also contribute to daylong ecstasy.

 Once mankind has acquired daylong ecstasy, they will make a complete turn from the sad state of “It is hard to have a chance to laugh happily”, the extreme bitterness of life will become an unprecedented ecstasy, and the world of bitterness will become the real Elysium.

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