Mankind Will evolve into immortals and Live Forever

 In Beijing’s Great Hall of Science, the atmosphere is fervent,with a lot of excited people. Although any person in the global village talk directly with the great people via his(her) personal satellite system, yet, the great fans of Mao Zedong, Darwin, Confucius, Bacon, Li Bai and so on are willing to pay an extremely high price to see these great persons with their own eyes. My neighbor Lao Gu is one of them. He has taken out all his savings,and borrowed 3 million Yuan from Minsheng Bank, just for attending this grand seminar. The mere thought of seeing his idol Darwin can trigger a boiling passion in his heart.

 April 14, 2039 is a historic day. Who can imagine, by taking out a cell from the hair to clone, plus the magical artificial intelligence system, we can “revive” a dead great man? Not long ago, the top life scientists and artificial intelligence experts in the global village revived many great persons, such as Darwin, Bacon, Hegel, Marx, Socrates, Nietzschean, Condorcet, Mao Zedong, Qin Shihuang (First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty), Confucius, Li Bai, Cao Cao, Cao Zhi, Zhuge Liang, Su Shi…

 On an early morning full of radiant and enchanting sunlight, at the Great Hall of Science of Beijing, China, a unique seminar is held on the subject “Where Are Human Beings Going?” The great persons freshly revived gather together, discussing the future of every member of the global village.

 The first speaker at the meeting is Socrates. In those days, if he had paid the fine or run away, he might have saved his life, but he was ready to die without reluctance, which angered so many people. He raises his right hand habitually,and when the people have calmed down, he says: “At that time, I thought I could still discuss questions after death, could see those people I admired, such as Homer, Thales and so on, but I never thought one should know nothing after death. I was lucky enough to be revived by Mr. Liwinson and other scientists, so I can see the world again.”

 Hardly has he finished his speech when Confucius says: “In those days, when my student asked me the question about death, I played a petty trick, and took a shy-away policy.” Then, he utters that famous classical saying: “Since we have not known enough about life, how can we know death.”  “In fact, I did not want to see people suffering from the pain of dying, so I found out a put-off. Since there is no way to solve the problem, we had better avoid it! Now conditions have got much better, and I have found the chance to revise my saying at last.”

 The great poet Li Bai recites his poem aloud: “Can you not see: people are sorrowful about their white hair before the mirror, which was jet-black in the morning but is as white as snow in the eve.” After reciting, he gives a deep sigh, saying: “Everyone says I am bold and unconstrained,but who knows my misery? Lofty sentiments cannot hold up against the sadness of life and death! From the age of 15, I began to be stuck on the religion for becoming gods, often worked together with Taoists in my life, longing for eternal life. Now the gene technology and life technology should have such a miraculous power! How grand it is! How grand it is!

 Qin Shihuang (First Emperor of Qin Dynasty) is still that domineering, with a voice sounding like a large bell: “It was me who suffered the most. Because of my eagerness for longevity, I was fooled by those people headed by Xu Fu, becoming a laughingstock… But in today’s opinion, what was wrong in my practice? Life science and technology have progressed to such a level, isn’t the 1000-year project already on the verge of final success? Hey-hey,I will benefit from it soon.”

 Looking at Emperor Qin Shihuang, Sakyamuni shakes his head, “You are so selfish, only considering yourself, why not consider all living creatures?” After twisting the beads before his breast, he adds: “Great! These life scientists are really great people, much higher than me. At that time, I gave up everything to seek a way for all living creatures to get out the sufferings of birth, aging, illness and death, but did not get anywhere. This great problem can be solved now at last. Mankind will enjoy an eternal life soon,and the global village is just the paradise. It is a great blessing to all lives indeed! “

 Condorcet says triumphantly: “I said a long time ago, mankind would use science to conquer death, and then there would be no one dying. Plato could only prove in theory that the soul would become immortal after death. It is a foolish thinking.”

 Now it is the turn of Mao Zedong. His Hunan accent is still that strong, but luckily there is a perfect intelligent translation system. “Mr. Condorcet,you are greater than our Confucius. But you might not know, even at the age of 20, I wrote a poem, saying ‘Believing a life of two hundred years, and thrashing the water about for three thousand miles’. That shows my thinking was very advanced. Has the ‘200-Year Project’ sponsored by some scientists already been completed successfully?”

 At this moment,Darwin gives a light cough, which draws the attention of all the others. “Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s return from the digression, as the people of the global village place a great and earnest hope on us. In that year, I put forward the evolutionism,making people aware that mankind has evolved from apes. Today’s high technology has amazed me. Gene technology, nanometer technology, artificial intelligence technology, new material technology, new energy technology, technology for living in the sea, technology for emigration to outer space… So many kinds of high and new technology! Where will they lead mankind to?”

 These words set everyone thinking. Every attendant is pondering:Since mankind has evolved from apes, where will it evolve to in future?

 Mao Zedong is the first to break the silence, saying frankly that he has already thought a lot about mankind’s future: “As early as seventy years ago, I said to Yu Guangyuan, Zhou Peiyuan and other scientists:’Mankind will die, because there will be more advanced things to replace mankind, and that will represent a higher stage of development.’ What are the more advanced things than mankind? I did not give a clear answer, but now I have found, the best expression is the most vivid, most ideal and most accurate term in the traditional culture of our Chinese nation, that is, of course, xian, or xianlei!”

 Li Bai is the first to clap hands for joy, “It just suits my way of thinking! ‘The tigers are playing the se (a musical instrument) and the phoenixes are flying back. Gods are coming one after another. ‘ I call myself ‘god in wine’. How can we find any other word better than ‘god’?”

 Cao Zhi speaks in the best of his spirits: “I once wrote a ‘Poem of Roaming in Fairyland’! In my poem, I describe the features of a god in three aspects: first is living forever, second is boundless freedom and third is limitless happiness. Does that just tally with the direction of mankind’s evolution? From my point of view,it is just to the point.”
 Qu Yuan (poet in the Warring States Period), Su Shi (poet in the Song Dynasty) and so on nod in agreement.

 “I disagree!” Nietzschean gives a shrug nervously, and begins to speak slowly: “’God’? No. In my opinion, we had better use my term, ‘superhuman’!”

 Heidegger stands up: “Gods, after all, are things in your oriental culture, and the concept of ape is raised by our occidental people. Now that we are faced with the problem to suggest a new term for mankind’s goal of evolution, in my opinion, the best choice is ‘superhuman’.” Darwin nods a little. But Leibnits, Joseph Lee, Toynbee, Russell and others do not agree, as they think, before the resplendent ancient oriental civilization, that narrow-minded superiority complex of Western civilization is derisive.

 Now the meeting gets into a tumult,the people fall into two camps distinctly: Some support the term “xianlei(gods)” while others argue for “superhuman”. Each sticks to his own stand, so, the emcee has to announce a decision by the majority through Internet-based voting by all the people of the global village.

 One hour later,the answer concerning mankind’s fate comes out at last: A majority of the votes are for “gods”.

 Finally,the great people attending the seminar of “Where Mankind Is Going To” reach consensus at last, offering a satisfactory and complete answer to the people of the global village:

 Mankind has evolved from apes,

 Mankind Will evolve into immortals and Live Forever

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