Medical cases and symptoms of Asperger syndrome and autism spectrum disorder

Medical cases and symptoms of Asperger syndrome and autism spectrum disorder

Symptoms makes me a ‘classic case’ I believe.
IF I had known all this early in life, I might have been enabled lived it far more successful than I have.

I have been acutely aware most of my 70 years that I was not ‘normal’ – whatever that is.  Only recently thru a program on NPR, and the resulting info on this & other web-sites did I discover that I have Asperger’s Syndrome from
all the symptoms disclosed.  Having most of the described
symptoms makes me a ‘classic case’ I believe.
IF I had known all this early in life, I might have been enabled lived it far more successful than I have.
Better late than never I suppose.  A regretable shame
not to have lived to the highest possbile potential because
of it.   It is an imperfect world.  We play with the ‘cards’ we
are dealt.

I have taken my 4 yr. old son to a developmental doctor and the doctor informed me that he did not think Kaleb was autistic.  I feel he has asperger’s syndrome.  How do I go about getting another opinion.  Even kalebs pediatrician says there is nothing wrong with him.  He has all of the symptoms of a child with this particular disorder.  Please help!  I am a single mother and I have limited funds to do anything with.  The only thing the doctors diagnosed him with was a developmental disorder.  I told them that they are not there with me 24 hrs. a day and his actions are signs of some type of autism.  Please tell me anything that will help me get the assistance that I need for my son.

I have two children that I believe have Asperger’s Syndrome.  One of them Is 12 years old he just start middle school.  He is 5” 7 inch tall when he walk to the bus stop I notice  always stay aways from averyone else and as he is walking he looks to  the opposite site of everyone else trying not to looks at anyone.  He is the perfect target for bully, he never want to tell me, but through his brother I found out he get tease a lot.  How can I help him build his self esteem.

I am an occupational therapist and have two grandson’s that I feel has an austism spectrum disorder or asperger’s.  As an OT I know that early intervention is so important. Children need very set routines, sensory intergration is very helpful by helping the child to organize information they are taking in. I also, know that it takes the village so to speak, everyone and anyone involved with the child needs to on the same page by that I mean for example in school they do not respond to be punished, they don’t understand. We have to find ways to help them change the behavior, maybe by the enviroment, decreasing destractions, sensory Intergration to help them organize what info. that they receive, other ways to communicate their needs. It is very much a team effort, and I know even in a position that works with children, I find myself fighting like heck to get what the children need. Educating ourselves and learning what might trigger behaviors good and bad is a everyday learning event and we can NOT be to hard on the children or ourselves. I am looking into diet and austism, I have heard a lot of different views relating increased behaviors due to diet. If anyone has any info. in this area I would appreciate it. Keep on fighting for answers, Best Wishes

I have an 8 year old grandson who exhibits most of the afore mentioned symptoms – need advice on how to proceed.  Thanks for your help.

hi there i have 2 young children my youngest who is 2 and a half has a diagnosis of autism. i am concerned about my 3 and a half year old that he might have aspergers disorder. He is definately advanced is starting to read, is fascinated by mathematics, can add and subtract small numbers can count to 100, recently i wrote 30 different numbers ranging from 1 to 100 and asked him what each was and he got all of them right, it was like it was too easy. he is constantly asking me really unusual questions or making strange statements like ‘its a strange play that we live in isnt it?’ he asks really obscure questions as well and gets really upset if i dont know the answer right away. his attention to detail is incredible, he does not like change, recently we went to the deli down the road and ordered a peanut butter sandwich, the week before they had cut it into squares but this week the cut it in triangles, he was so upset he couldnt eat it. he also has this thing he calls ‘mitting’ where he lightly pinches my arm repetitively, its generally when he is excited or tired i asked him about it and how it made him feel he said it made him feel warm and safe. what do you think?

My son exhibited all the signs of Aspergers when he was younger.  He collected shells, feathers, rocks, etc. and placed them on shelves and if I moved them to dust, he would get hysterical.  We put a new desk and chair in his room at age 6 or so and he dragged it out and threw it down the stairs because he couldn’t handle the change.  When we renovated and extended a wall in his room, he was out of control for hours and demanded the wall back. He was extremely sensitive, he couldn’t wear underwear because it bothered him, no tags on the shirts and extremely sensitive to noise and light.  Sounds just like Asperger’s right?  I tried to have him meet with a pyschologist but I never found it helpful.  They always suggested ADHD, which I knew he didn’t have.  His grades were good and reading and comprehension skills excellent.  He also had and continues to have a large number of friends so I didn’t think it was autism. Finally, at age 13, he seems to have outgrown all of these behaviors. I’m glad I didn’t go the medication route and just let him go through these phases.  I actually miss all the rocks and feathers that were strewn about.  I never learned so much about nature in my life.  Yes, he will always be a bit different.  And you know what, thank God!  He is really a very interesting soul.  Quirky can be a good thing.  Don’t be so quick to label your child with some syndrome, just support him or her and appreciate his/her differences. 

I think I have known that my son was autistic since he was between 1 and 2 years old.  But I didn’t know it then, as I did not have the knowledge like today.  My son is now 37 years old, and is a gambling addict, and has been now for 20 years.  When I look back, I recall the signs especially when he was young.  The twiddling of the fingers in front of his eyes that would go and on, sometimes for an hour or two.  Then when he was 5 or 6 he could only speak one word, “truck”, beyond the “mommy” and “daddy” words.  When he turned 8 or 9, it began with the continous drawing of weather maps.  He would spend hours, days and years drawing unending non-sensical weather maps.  I remember seeing him at times standing out in the snow or rain staring for long periods of time up at the sky at the snow and rain.  He would even do this after getting out of the bath tub, with only his shorts on.  Obvlivious to what was going on around him accept for his fixations, as like on weather.  One night he even broke the window in his bedroom so he could stare out at the snow flakes!  Again, totally oblivious and fixated!
The weather maps stopped when he was 18 years old, but his constant fixation of viewing the weather channel sometimes for hours, every day, for the past 2 decades continues.  My wife and I did everything we could all those years to get him to stop what he was doing.  LIke I said before, we had no knowledge of what we were dealing with at that time.
My son is gifted in math.  In high school (his senior year), he was one of two kids in advanced calculus and graduated with an A+ in that subject.  Since then, my son has worked at one job for the past almost 20 years, flipping burgers at a local restaurant, and has not been able to excell in his life.  It is so tragic!  All I can do is try to be here for my son.  I have tried to talk to him about this, but he blows it off.  I only wish I would have known years ago what I know now.

do both parents have to be carriers in order for thier child to be diagnosed with asperger?

my grandson who i am the legal guardian has adhd also some learning disabilities, he also does not like crowds and does not know how to fit in at times he also has wha we call tunnel vision one thing at a time, he can never be still, he swings from one foot to the other or one in front of the other,even in his sleep he bounces his head in his mattress. he is okay with hands on stuff but has a haed time with verbal ccommands, he gets overloaded easy and helikes things on a schedule, the school just does not seem to understand what i try to explain to them. they take him in & out of class 4 times a day this is too much stimulation for him. he is to be tested this jan 08, some answers would be most helpful. i am glad i found thhis site,maybe i can understand more as i read more. i have a horrible time at school. he can read good and do some problems just too much overloads him, they have in a underhanded way threated to take him out of school. small things get to him name calling taking his things he stayed under his table one day all day because the teacher would not give him his red pen back that someone took from him. she said she would buy him another id not understand this why not give him his back just so much tolearn and i 49 years old and have never had or seen any of these problems before sometime i just want to pull my hair out because i don’t understand or i can’t get others to at least try to. at a lost so much of the time anymore 

My grandson has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and also is bipolar.  He cannot stand crowds, talks continuously about some subjects, draws exceptionally well, has a very good vocabulary, but goes into rages when he doesn’t get his way about some things.  His I.Q. was checked at 120. 

I truely think I have known there was something different about my son since he was a baby, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. He is doing excellent in school grade wise, but does have some behavior trouble. He doesn’t respond well to discipline or being grounded. It is like he doesn’t understand why he is in trouble. He is very humurous and comedic even, but he has a hard time communicating with others and feels like he doesn’t fit in. He shows all of the symptoms I have read about on here and I am not sure what to do next. I have an appointment scheduled for him at the local children’s hospital. What comes next? What can I expect to learn about my son now? I’m really wondering how I can help him…to help me understand the way he sees things. Please help.

Also..what does it mean when people ask if both parents have to be carriers? Is this hereditary?

Thirty years ago I married a man that I loved.  He was a little odd about certain things that I could not understand.  After we were married I noticed even more odd behavior.  At that point the good out weighed the odd so I did not bring anything negative up.  Five years later we had a son. Needless to say he was the love of our life and once again I had a feeling that there was something not quite right.  He was like his father, tall, handsome, too talented and extremely smart, so I dismissed my notions. 
This past Christmas my husband drops a load in my lap about how his father (deceased) was a genius, but there was a problems with him.  My husband’s aunt told him his dad had social problems.  My husband also has social anxiety and is now taking medication. but not our son and our grandson.  
This has truly been a nightmare explaining this to our son so he can get help for himself and his son.  He simply doesn’t see it or want to hear it and neither does his wife who is expecting another boy in a few months. 
I am scared and do not know what to do.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
Seeking help for your child can be frustrating, especially if you don’t live in a community that has a pediatrician or doctor that specializes in autism spectrum disorders or behavioral specialists.  Several states have other places you can turn to for help.  If you have an infant or toddler and you have suspicions they may have asperger’s or any type of behavior disorder see if you county has some sort of Infant and Toddler Services.  Many public school districts have Parents as Teachers (or similar programs) who can help hook you up with the specialists you need, call your local school for a phone number.  If your child is school age, call the principal or school psychologist and tell them you want to set up a meeting discussing your child’s problems and to see if your child qualifies for an IEP (Individualized Education plan).  I hope this helps some of you.  Keep trying.

Medical cases and symptoms of Asperger syndrome and autism spectrum disorder

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