Mongolian Nationality fond of singing and dancing

The Mongolian people are ardent, open-minded and fond of singing and dancing. They hold mountain god-worshiping activities in each summer and autumn. In such occasions, they kill cows and sheep, drink wine and sing and carry out arrow-shooting competition, horse racing, wrestling and other national sports activities. The Mongolian people wear robes with big front parts, felt or leather caps, waist belts in various colors and high hoots. The women always grow long braids and wear silver and gold adornments, jewelry, coral and other ornaments.

The Mongolian people hold grand “Nadamu” meeting (i.e. horse racing) on a broad grassland at the foot of mountain and beside water in each July or August. In such occasions, thousands of herdsmen come to the racecourse to cheer for the contestants. After competition, the winner will be granted with valuable rewards.

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