Motion-Sensing Led Street Lighting System Could Spark Energy Efficiency Revolution

In recent years, because LED lighting is more energy-efficient, so it is rapidly replacing the current use of mercury lamps, sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps, metal halide, etc. . Due to enhancement of the environmental awareness of energy conservation, many countries have begun to use LED Street light on more and more roads, the city streets and plaza also.

Motion Sensing LED Street Lighting

Motion Sensing LED Street Lighting

Motion-sensing led street lighting system could spark energy efficiency revolution.

LED lighting as a semiconductor light source compared to all previous lighting technologies, the most revolutionary is infinite imagination in terms of LED lighting drivers as the light source LED is actually a kind of semiconductor which is totally different with all the lighting material before, so, in addition to replacing with the LED light source, making LED Street light intelligent, to achieve the second energy-saving is a discussion emphasis full of imagination.

Through intelligent control and communication technology, can further reduce energy consumption, or provide additional transportation applications, even the city service. Currently, Intelligent LED street lighting system can according to the road conditions, according to if there is Car or People pass through or not, or based on the environment conditions to control LED Street Light switch on/off, and adjust the brightness, so it can extend LED Street light lifetime and save energy further. Intelligent systems equipped together with solar or wind power, power source can achieve self-sufficiency, no need city Electricity supply, it’s helpful for the remote area application. It also can automatically adjust the brightness, color, angle, depending on the environment, and can also make a real-time monitor on the light.

LED lighting can make 50% energy-saving, compared with the traditional road lighting, Using intelligent sensing LED Lighting system with intelligent sensing capabilities will make this result possible upgrade of 90%, especially in the long winter nights. Intelligent sensing LED lighting compared with normal LED.

Auto-Sensing LED Street Light

Auto-Sensing LED Street Light

Besides more energy-saving, which is often easily overlooked is, the introduction of this Intelligent sensing technology, it will extend LED street light lifetime greatly, because in the most of time, the LED street light only working on 20% power status, this greatly decreases the heat generated of the LED lighting which is the key issue for the LED life, so the lifetime of auto-sensing dimming LED lighting is often more than 3 times long than the normal LED lighting.

Long-time use of road lighting, the area is large and the number is big, if the lamp lifetime is too short, this result in damage and replacement of a high frequency, may cause big pressure on consumer who will responsible for maintenance, the impact on the safety of users can not be measured in money, therefore, the lifetime of the LED lighting is also an important considerations for consumer to choose road lighting.

In my future articles, we’ll discuss topics on Intelligent Auto-Sensing LED Street Light, and its influence on future street lighting. Still interested in Intelligent LED Street Lighting? Fore sales information please contact

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