Mutual expectations – Team Identity

Mutual expectations

When you work with another team, your team has an expectation of what it hopes to gain from the other team; the other team probably has an expectation of what it hopes to gain from your team.

The sales team of a kitchen fitting business expects to receive ongoing information from the inventory team on stock production so the sales staff can give realistic timescales for delivery to customers.
The design team expects to spend half a day discussing changing customer requirements with the sales team twice a year so it can incorporate customer requirements when updating its designs.
The design team expects the production team to advise it on the feasibility of producing a new standard unit, and the time involved.
And so on!
Expectations that these teams have of each other include:
information – provision of ongoing information, for example, stock levels or advice of changes, such as changes in customer requirements for electrical appliances
advice – how to do something or the effects it will have, for example, the time to produce a new unit
discussion and working together – how to improve a service, for example, update the kitchen units or solve a problem, such as a common customer complaint.

Now do this
Identify four teams you work closely with (you can include any of the teams you considered earlier to identify the benefits of links with other teams/individuals, if you like). For each team, write down what you expect to gain from this team and how far your expectations are met.
Then write down what you think the other team expects to gain from your team.
Other teams we have links with What our team expects to gain from this team Our expectations are:
·1 met
·2 partly met
·3 not met  What I think this team expects to gain from our team   
It’s quite possible that some of your expectations are not met, or only partly met. If this is the case, you may need to make your expectations clear to the other team or explore with its members how they can better meet your needs.
You’ll have an opportunity to check out how well your team is meeting the expectations of another team in the Into Action at the end of this section. You may well find ways to help your team more.
Teams need to make their expectations of each other clear in just the same way that an individual team needs a clear picture of its goal or objectives.

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