New culture brings up the new mankind

Culture is never knowledge. Knowledge is just the surface color of the soul,but culture can penetrate your soul, melt into your blood, and get down to your marrow. If mankind can really possess the advanced human culture composed of the six major cultures, that is, the new culture of mankind, then, the present mankind may become the brand-new mankind and build up the brand-new world.
The close relationship of the new culture, new mankind and new world is illustrated as the following picture:

New culture      New mankind          New world

On the one hand,the new culture brings up the new mankind, the new mankind builds up the new world, and the new world boosts the growth and development of the new culture.

On the other hand,the new world helps the growth of the new mankind, the new mankind can create and develop the new culture, and the new culture can guide and promote the new world directly.

The new culture, new mankind and new world together constitute a benign circulatory system of interaction and inter-promotion.

Today,we possess information but do not possess culture;We possess knowledge but do not possess ideals;We possess technology but do not possess goals. We are still uneasy, for the world’s science and technology develop too fast;We are still anxious, for we worry that our renewal of concepts is too slow;We are still impetuous,for there are too many chances before mankind;We are still thinking,for we are confident that the fate is controlled by mankind itself, for we are longing for the birth of a fine new mankind,and longing for a fine new world.

The eagle flies lower than the chicken sometimes, but the chicken can never fly as high as the eagle. Mankind sometimes flies as low as the chicken, or even crawls like the cockroach, but once mankind is awake, it will soar up as the eagle!

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