North Temple – Ancient Temple of China Han State

North Temple is located on the middle side of Xining Mountain North, and built in the period of Han and Wei States, it is “No. 1 Ancient Temple of Huangzhong”. The temple was built along the natural fracture of red sand rock on the middle side of the mountain, nine caves and eighteen grottos were linked together with plank road, small bridges and visiting galleries with caisson patterns and religious art murals. Seeing afar, it is like a castle in the sky with magnificent scenes.

Goddess Hall is the largest building in the temple, close to the rock wall, facing the vertical slide with flying eaves and standing arches. Serenity and Longevity Tower was built on the top of the mountain more than six hundred years ago, which is the ideal sightseeing place with bird eyes’ view of the whole city of Xining China.

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