Organ transplantation: freeing body from damage

The only cause of many people’s death is the damage of an organ which endangers the life. Nevertheless,now, the day will come soon when all the organs of the human body can receive artificial transplantation,and the function of the artificial organs may improve limitlessly. Organ transplantation is one of the disciplines with the fastest speed of development in the high and new medicine.

 In the ancient book Liezi, there is a story about Bian Que (famous doctor in the Spring and Autumn Period(770-476 BC) changing hearts for two persons to cure a disease, and of course, it is a pure fantasy. In Pu Songling’s Liao Zhai Zhi Yi, there is a description about Lu Pan changing the head for Zhu Sheng’s wife: “He took out the dagger from his boot, pressed the lady’s neck with one hand,cut her head like cutting a piece of bean curd, and the head dropped beside the pillow. Then he hurriedly took the head of the belle from Zhu Sheng’s arms, put it onto the neck, adjusted the position until it was proper, and then pressed it…” He moved the head of a belle onto the neck of an ugly woman. All such fantasies as Bian Que’s transplantation of the heart,Pu Songling’s description of the head transplantation,have become reality by the aid of science nowadays.

 All the human organs can be replaced by high-function artificial organs, which may result in an entire high-function artificial “body”. Everyone can change or renew any organ,so the body is just like a Rolls-Royce compact car: whenever a part breaks down,you may change and renew it and no part is unchangeable. Or like a computer,any part of it,such as the CPU, hard disk, motherboard, CD driver, memory and so on, can be changed at any time. In future, if any organ of the human body goes wrong, you may change it perfectly at once, and it is so easy, just like changing a part for the car or the computer. The reason why human needs the body is only for keeping the survival of the brain (mind), and, the true essence of a human just lies in the brain (mind). By organ transplantation,we can keep the human body healthy forever, and moreover, its function can improve limitlessly, thus, we shall have ideal “Jingang body” (free of damage) described in the ancient myth.

 In the past, organ transplantation met with two big problems: one is the too few sources of organs for transplantation; the other is the rejection reaction after the organ transplantation. The rejection reaction often leads to a high failure rate,and besides, there are too few sources of organs, so, the feasibility is very low;In transplantation of animals’ organ for people, there is also rejection reaction,and we have to take the risk of being infected by some viruses typical of the animal. Kang Youwei (famous scholar and reformer in the late Qing Dynasty) once received a pair of transplanted testis from the ape. At first, he walked lightly, became very vigorous, as if having been rejuvenated, but later, things went from bad to worse, he became listless, and collapsed at last. It just resulted from the rejection reaction.

 Nowadays, the great development of clone technology and stem cell technology (especially the latter) may solve both of the big problems completely. Clone technology can guarantee the sufficiency of sources of human organs, and stem cell technology can help us make new organs very easily, such as new hearts, livers, kidneys, nerves, limbs, bones, hairs, eyes, skins, blood vessels and so on,and the rejection reaction can be avoided, too. What is more, if one of your organs goes wrong, just by transplanting the stem cell with self-repair function, you may re-make any new and good organ,and it is the best solution to rejection reaction and shortage of organs for transplanting.

 Along with the continual improvement of surgical operation technology, and with the fast development of pharmacology, immunology, genetics and gene engineering technology, organ transplantation will be improved all the time, its future development prospect is bound to be boundlessly splendid, which will offer a great hand to mankind’s realization of the dream of eternal life.

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