Overmatch without Enemy and It Will overcome Wisdom

Overmatch without Enemy and It Will overcome Wisdom1 Theory of EinsteinAlbert Einstein summarized the essence of success according to his success that “Iron will is more important than wisdom and learning.” This is not only his own experience, but also has been demonstrated by scientific research.  2 Realization is dearer, but both can be given up for practice In philosophy, the formula of success is: successknowledgepracticecognitionpractice, that is , successcognitionpractice“Do it, know its cognition effect; know it, can not know its practice effect.” 3 Mother of talent The research result of Psychologists in Columbia University of America indicate that it should not praise children to be clever, but praise children to be diligent. Why this? The Chinese ancients answered it. 4 Where is willpower, there is holy Mr. Lu Xun has one forceful saying: “when I watch sports game, I always think that the winner is no doubt respectful, while the competitors who are lag behind but still persist reaching the end, and the watchers who see the lagged competitors but do not laugh are the back of China in future.” China’s back are the competitor with strong willpower, and the watcher who attach great importance to this willpower.  5 Overpass EQIt is no doubt that the strength of emotion is large, but we should remember that emotion is a double-blade sword, which is not only with positive effect, but also negative effect.  The formula “20% IQ + 80% EQ=100% success” have many flows, the right one should be……  6 King to Decide Your Fate“Character decide one’s fate”, and will is the backbone of character. That is to say, will is the king of character, and decide one’s fate. What will, what character, and what fate.

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