Pop Artist Tiffany Houghton Releases NEW Music Video: I’m Gonna Love You

Tiffany Houghton Releases NEW music Video: I’m Gonna Love You

Happy Tiffany Houghton! Right now, we can’t get enough of Tiffany Houghton’s new music video for “I’m Gonna Love You”.

Seriously, we hit the repeat button ALL day! Check it out below:

Pop Artist Tiffany Houghton Releases NEW Music Video

Pop Artist Tiffany Houghton Releases NEW Music Video

Pop artist Tiffany Houghton has just released her latest single album, “I’m Gonna Love You.” Houghton is a Dallas, Texas native who is now currently living in Los Angeles, California working hard at her future release.

Back in 2014, Houghton was a special guest on MKTO’s American Dream Tour where she got her first taste of major tour life. Since then, Houghton has released her debut EP, This Is Not an EP, back in December of 2014.

Following Houghton’s previous release “Catch Me If You Can,” which received significant airplay on Radio Disney, “I’m Gonna Love You” is a song about that first feeling you get after a first date. Houghton shared with Billboard the inspiration behind the song:

“After the shoot that day [for her Christmas-themed ‘Blame it on the Snow’ video], I went out with this guy my brother set me up with,” Houghton says. “Go big bro, because it was an amazing first date. Afterwards I was jotting down song ideas in the elevator before I even made it to my room.”

Houghton also shares:

“This song is the butterflies. It’s jumping off the cliff before you know anyone’s gonna catch you,” Houghton says. “It’s the delusional belief that the person you just met could be the love of your life.”

Have you listened to this song by Tiffany Houghton? How do you like it?

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