Prince Sakyamuni founded Buddhism

After I got the news on the completion of the genome sketch, countless ideas occurred to me, and what I thought most turned out to the story I had heard in my childhood. At the age of 11 or 12 or so, I liked to search for books of all kind to “stay my stomach”, and I was deeply touched by this story:

Sakyamuni was originally a prince, and had possessed everything that could make people admire to death, but he gave up all those resolutely, determined to live an ascetic life, and finally he founded Buddhism. The following is what he saw and heard in his two journeys.

In his journey, he saw a withered and downbent old man with a worried look, teetering groggily, looking very pitiful. He went up to help the old man, wanting to take him into the palace so that he might spend his last years happily there. But the old man did not only knock head to thank him, but also raised a very strange question to the prince:

“You could offer me things to eat and wear, but you could not blacken my white hair, straighten my humpback and make all my dropped teeth grow again. What I need is the reappearance of my life and youth. If you prince could recover my youth, I would not have to follow you to your palace. If you prince could not recover my youth, what use does it have to follow you to your palace?”

Faced with the old man’s question,Sakyamuni had no words to say.

He went on, and saw a leper lying in the middle street. The man had no complete limbs, with scabies all over the body, all his muscles were jerking, and he was wailing all the time.
 Seeing such a pitiful look, Sakyamuni was full of tears in his eyes. He took off his coat decorated with jewelry all over, put it onto the man, and asked him to see the doctor at once, saying: “I do not carry money with me today, just give this coat to you! The jewelry on the coat is worth thousands of dollars, take it to change for money to cure your disease!

Unexpectedly, the patient did not accept his almsgiving,but said: “The treasure coat you give me is worth thousands of dollars, but it cannot change for health. The disease I’m suffering from can never be cured. What I need is a sound body. Can you give me that?”

Sakyamuni was unable to answer the patient’s question, so he could not help feeling very sad, and no longer had the heart to see such scenes. When he returned to his palace, he put on a long face,thinking about the old man and the patient he had seen in his journey, thinking about their sufferings, and the questions they had raised.

Later,in another journey, Sakyamuni fell across a group of funereal people. All of them, male or female, old or young, were crying very sadly. Looking as far as he could, he found groups of tombs one after another. He was greatly shocked, and lowered his head to meditate:No one in the world can escape from this, including me! Some years later, I would be buried in the yellow soil.

All these shocked Sakyamuni greatly and then he swore: “I must make clear why people will age? Why will they fall ill? Why will they die? I must find out a way for all living creatures including myself,to free us from the sufferings of birth, aging, disease and death.” Hence, out of a great mission sense and out of a sense of duty to save mankind from tribulation, the 29-year-old Sakyamuni abandoned his beloved wife and children, abandoned his luxurious royal life and great power, abandoned everything that others might run after by all means, to find out the way to free people of sufferings. Thus, he founded Buddhism.

After I read the story,my heart could not calm down for a long time:Yes, why should people fall ill and die? From the day of birth, time is following everyone, making you change from small to big, from big to old, making you fall ill and die of illness at last. My mom is a doctor. When I was small, we just lived in the staff quarter of the hospital, so I often saw many patients. I really could not bear the sight of their painful and miserable condition. In those days,I often thought: If a person does not get ill, how wonderful it will be! In addition, the terrible aging is also following everyone like the shadow. In the filmTitanic”, what moved us most is not only the love tragedy between Jack and Rose, but also the striking contrast between the girl Rose and the old crone Rose! In just a few decades, the belle in her peak years became a hoary crone: with a hoary hair, a loose and wizened skin like pine bark, full of wrinkles in the face, looking both old and ugly… We can imagine, from a pretty girl to an old grandam, the finale must be a corpse that is full of dropsy, stink to high heaven and will rot very soon!

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