Princess Wencheng Temple with Big-Sun Buddha Statue

The historically famous cultural relics of “Big-Sun Buddha Statue and its Temple” are well known as “Princess Wencheng Temple”, belonging to Zhigong Gaju Sect, Tibetan Buddhism. It was said that when Princess Wencheng entered Tibet, she rested here for a month and ordered her attendants to carve nine Buddha figures in the cliff. Upon the second marriage between Tang Dynasty and Fan, Princess Jincheng ordered her attendants built a monastery at the sight of the nine corroding Buddha figures, later called Princess Wencheng Temple, which is a symbol of the friendly exchange between Han and Tibetan nationalities.

With delicate design and novel pattern, the temple is backed up by high mountains and bright brook. Seen from the outside, it is divided into three layers, but in fact, it is one hall inside. In the rock straight above the hall are carved nine relief Buddha statue, the central one is a leader at the height of 7.3m, also called Big-Sun Buddha. The Buddha is vivid, plain, serene, stable and kind with hands crossed on the stomach, feet crossed on the lotus seat with two lions carved in the arches, top carved with six-character truth, and with head covered by colorful halo as a symbol of sunshine and universal mercy. Beside are eight serving Buddha at the height meters arranged in two levels, orderly Puxian, Wenshu, Jingangshou, Chugaizhang, Xukongzang, Guanyin, Mile and Dizang. They footed on lotus in order. All of them were rationally carved in line with the mountain range with beautiful design, rich body, elegant appearance and strong 3D sense. On the two sides of the statue are finely and delicately carved with patterns of Tibetan style laces at the width of one meter from the up side to the low side, which together with the stone Buddha statues, constitutes a complete art entity, fully displaying the state-of-art craftsmanship of carves and paintings in Tang Dynasty of China, and forming a crystal integrating Tibetan and Han nationalities.

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