Pursuit of happiness resulted in unhappiness for hedonism

For thousands of years, mankind’s pursuit of happiness has resulted in unhappiness actually, which is just the ill effect of hedonism. We are seeking happiness to the top of our bent, but the happiness we are seeking is:

Happy combination between corporal joy and spiritual joy;

Happy combination between the present joy and the long-term joy;

Happy combination between individuals’ joy and the collective’s joy.

While valuing corporal joy,value spiritual joy all the more;

While valuing the immediate joy, value the long-term joy all the more;

While valuing the individual’s joy, value the collective’s joy all the more;

Only by so doing can we get the greatest joy,and only that is the joy the rational hedonists seek.

Can joy be calculated? Of all ages,many people have tried to find out the formula for calculating joy. We have got a joy calculation formula:

Total amount of happiness = daily amount of happiness × number of days of happiness

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