Qmail Queue Growing Flush: How to speed up process of sending mail

Qmail Queue Growing Resolution: How can I speed up process of sending mail? How to flush qmail queue stuck? When I restart qmail server manually, I do see all the qmail processes such as qmail-send, rspawm, lspawn and splogger. Usually Qmail queue is growing more and more due to too many messages in remote queue, because sending mail to remote servers takes much more time than delivering the message to the local mailbox of plesk dedicated server.

Qmail flush stuck queue is badly needed. I have installed & configured qmail on my freebsd machine running FreeBSD 2.2-960130-SNAP. I am running into some strange qmail behavior. I have configured qmail under plesk server hosting or tcpserver.

How to speed up process of sending mail? Queues are permanently stuck and messages keep accruing in the queue. When the machine is rebooted, tcpserver starts, apparently qmail also does, but qmail dies.

During reboot or any time I restart qmail, I get a handful of messages that are delivered but are never cleared from the queue. In other words, if I reboot again, I get the same set of messages again from the queue. Also, kill -ALRM or running tcp_ok seems to make absolutely no sense. When I run qmail-qstat, all messages are shown as being in queue, with 0 messages not yet preprocessed (value 0 is true all the time).

When I restart qmail manually, I do see all the processes such as qmail-send, rspawm, lspawn, splogger, etc. As explained earlier, qmail does not stay up after a reboot but tcpserver does.

Any ideas, tips will be appreciated. I also tried doing a make setup check without any success.

Wonder if this has anything to do with my old version of FreeBSD and or locking. I have also run the qmail-sanity perl script, it does not show any errors.

Qmail flush stuck queue: Qmail is a wonderful MTA in all sense but its quite easy to have the troubles like your queue getting filled up and you don’t know how to flush the queue. I’ll give you some insights how to do that?

By default Qmail uses up to 20 ‘qmail-remote’ processes to deliver mail to remote servers. This value can be not enough if the server has heavy mail traffic. In this case you can increase number of simultaneously running ‘qmail-remote’ processes by creating /var/qmail/control/concurrencyremote file with needed value, for example:

# echo 50 > /var/qmail/control/concurrencyremote

Then restart Qmail. See “man qmail-control” for more information. Also, see the articles about SPAM issue 766.

If you have already downloaded qmHandle you can remove the mails by issuing the command

qmHandle -S’failure notice’Here we have deleted all the mails with the subject “failure notice” change it as per your needs, but I don’t think qmHandle can work on a busy system and when the queue is quite large. By default qmHandle has to stop qmail first so make sure that qmailctl is correctly mentioned in the qmHandle script just another tip

Our installation of qmail was based on qmailrocks and here is the method we followed

You cannot simply stop qmail by issuing qmailctl stop

you need to stop by the command

svc -d /service/*
svc -d /service/*/logthen kill all qmail process

pgrep |xargs kill -9now go to qmail queue directory

cd /var/qmail/queue/find mess -type f -exec rm -rf {} ;
find info -type f -exec rm -rf {} ;
find remote -type f -exec rm -rf {} ;Now enable qmail service

svc -u /service/*
svc -u /service/*/lognow tail the log files

tail -f /var/log/qmail/qmail-smtpd/current also tail -f /var/log/qmail/qmail-send/current and see how it goes.

Qmail Queue Growing Flush: How to speed up process of sending mail? Queues are permanently stuck and messages keep accruing in the queue. Next time you’ll fix it. Any view different?

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