Respecting Wisdom and Despising Folly

Respecting wisdom and despising folly is also a fundamental humanity. The Greek-rooted word “philosophy” just means “loving wisdom”. Mankind loves wisdom, sometimes their impulse for seeking wisdom is even stronger than the impulse for seeking joy, and they have an insuppressible respect, admiration and worship for wise people.

Our love for the mastermind Zhuge Liang and the wise guy Afanti in literature is actually our admiration for their wisdom. But in the bottom of our hearts, we naturally look down upon those fools, numskulls or morons. Plato said very clearly: “If you are wise,all people will be your friends and relatives,for you are useful and helpful to them;However, if you have no wisdom,nobody will be your friend, either your parents or your relatives, or any other people.” Why?The reason is so simple: Only by wisdom can we understand, grasp and use objective laws, the greatest energy in the world, can we realize our aim or help others to realize their aim and win a success.

Wisdom makes people respectable and honorable, and everyone wishes to be a clever or wise person. An industry that can meet the human demand for wisdom will surely have a great run. For example, all such products have become popular, as “Impossible to Forget”, “Brain Relaxing Agent” and so on. The effect of these edible products is not necessarily obvious or true, but they have won a great market just because they have met the human demand.

Suppose, by dint of high technology,we can meet people’s high-leveled demand for wisdom by producing a product that can really help people themselves or their offspring become extremely clever or even omniscient and omnipotent,it will certainly have an extremely vast market and an extremely bright future. It goes without saying “omniscience and omnipotence”,just a pill that can improve our attention or an intracerebral chip that can improve our memory, or a gene food that can enhance our creativity… will attract people greatly.

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