Reviews on the Bestselling Book THE SECOND DECLARATION from Life Scientists

As early as 28 years ago, I believed “birth, aging, disease and death” are not the bottommost natural law of the life world, it is completely possible for mankind to conquer aging and realize “eternal living”, thus, I have committed myself to finding out the cause of aging of the human body. In the few decades’ struggleI always fought alone, only relying on my willpower and hard work. I also published many papers and several booksexerting certain influence among the people, but I still feel “few people can understand me”. It is only in The Second Declaration that I have found the same cry and got my bosom friend.Aging and death threaten everyone of us. People must conquer aging and death. The reason is simple: only when we have life can we have passionlove or the world. Mankind’s greatest wish is not only to gain the freedom in spacebut is to gain the freedom in time. Life of a person is the most preciousand in comparison, any dispute in the human world is insignificant. Man’s most essential way out lies in the conquest of aging and realization of the dream of eternal living.The most courageous and successful aspect of The Second Declaration is the daring spirit to challenge traditional ideas and air the voice to realize the dream of living forever. Unexpectedly, the person who uttered such a voice turns out to be Miss Wang, a 21-year-old girl. I cannot but admire her great courage and talent. I hope the publication of the book will arouse people’s great attention to life and to anti-aging research. I suggest people of all walks of life should read this book.— Jian Songbai, Executive Director of China Anti-aging Academic Committee, and Director of Longevity Research Institute

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