Sanqing Mountain – famous Daoism Mountain in South China

Sanqing Mountain is a famous Daoism Mountain in South China.


It has beautiful landscapes varying in all seasons. In spring, azaleas are in their full blossom and the flowers look like silks; in summer time, the thick tree leaves shelter the sunlight, it is quite cool; during the autumn, the tree leaves are as red as they are dyed and the branches are overburdened with rich fruits; in winter, everything is covered with snow and the whole landscape seems to be carved with ice. The scenery spots here include the sacred place of Daoism priests; the goddess in charge of spring; Buddha appreciating music; and the place where the giant python comes out etc. Dense woods cover the mountain and there are all verities of trees. The welcoming pine, the yellow pine all have unique styles.


The Sanqing Mountain has the mightiness of Mountain Tai, the scariness of Hua Mountain, the mist and clouds of Heng Mountain and the waterfalls of Lu Mountain.


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