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Black Mountain Retreat: Feel the Seven Sisters’ Cultural Flavour

Ms. Vermillion Carroll moved to Black Mountain in 1999. Since then the town, like nearby Asheville, has become increasingly vibrant. Black Mountain, N.C., has become a magnet for second-home owners and retirees.

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Los Angeles Tour Guide: Best Attractions in Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles is home to numerous places of interest along its many famous streets. Places like The Grove and Chinatown are visually engaging with unique themes.

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US Honeymoon Travel, Water Island Looks Wonderful

Water Island in the US Virgin Islands looks wonderful, Known for its natural charm, Water Island is a secluded getaway. An eco-sensitive resort with self-contained tent-cottages, Virgin Island Campground is set on pristine 500-acre Water Island, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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Different View of San Francisco: Visit Bernal Height and Glen Canyon

For a very different Glen Park tour, walk downhill (east) on Bosworth Street from the BART station, then left on Mission Street to St. Mary’s Avenue. SAN FRANCISCO — As fires raged downtown after the 1906 earthquake, residents of this city fled to two nearby districts to the south, Bernal Heights and Glen Park. Though part of San Francisco, both areas looked more like countryside then, with open ranchland, vineyards and orchards, dirt roads and wetlands, and a few houses. The windswept peaks above Glen Park were called Little Switzerland.

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Short-term Travel in a Gingerbread Pennsylvania village

Never mind a gingerbread house – a gingerbread village is on display at Nemacolin in southwestern Pennsylvania. More than a half-dozen gingerbread structures are on display.

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North America Tour Guide: A Weekend in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel, four hours north of Mexico City, is 75 percent Mexican but its air is that which is breathed in every arts colony in every part of the world. With its breezy blue skies and baroque architecture, San Miguel de Allende has been a tropical haven for expatriates and retirees since the 1930s. The […]

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