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Chinese Kung Fu Preview: Chi Kung or Qigong and Taoism

Chinese kung fu Preview: Chi Kung or Qigong and Taoism Qigong is being used as part of the Traditional Chinese Medication (TCM) in preventive and therapeutic health care. Qi is seen as the vital energy in one’s body to maintain life. Qigong will train one to work on physical to control and exercise this energy […]

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Chinese Kung Fu Generates Martial Power or Jin

Chinese kung fu Generates Martial Power or Jin Jin or Martial Power, can generally be divided into three categories: Hard Jin, Soft-Hard Jin and Soft Jin. Among these, Hard Jin uses the most muscular power, followed by Soft-Hard Jin and finally Soft Jin. But no matter which Jin, in order to manifest maximum power you […]

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Ancient Chinese Kung Fu and Its Influence on Tai Chi

Ancient Chinese kung fu and Its Influence on tai chi Chinese ancient Wushu has been developing in thousands of years of simple weapon age on the basis of the philosophy of “One Yin and one Yang forms Dao”. In the middle age of Ming dynasty, the ancient Wushu reached its peak, yet still adhering to […]

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