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Buttered flowers representative of sculpture arts

Buttered flower is one of the “Three Art Miracles” of the temple. It is made of white butter mixed with various mineral paints in the form of oil carved art works. The buttered flowers of Taer Temple is representative of sculpture arts, which is not only of high art levels and unique art styles, but […]

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Fresco – art of Tibetan Buddhism

Fresco is one of the arts of Tibetan Buddhism and as an art style most popular and unique in Taer Temple, it is one of the “Three Art Miracles” of the temple. Based on red, yellow and blue, its theme is outstanding with comparison. Except for being painted on the wall and pillar and beam, […]

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Embossed Embroidery – Art Miracle of Tibetan Buddhism Temple

Embossed embroider is a variety derived from the traditional embroidery. Colorful satins are cut into needed forms, such as Buddha, hills and water, flowers and plants, birds and beasts and with wool and cotton as filling, the embroidery will be linked on the basis of cloth with strong 3D sense. The embossed embroidery of Taer […]

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