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Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Make Artists Crazy

How to Strengthen Combination of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art? Why artists like fancying and imagining? To promote combination of future science and fantasy art can stimulate our interest to seek reality.

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Chinese Painter Jing Gangshan Profile: Artistic Life and Achievements

Brief introduction to Chinese Painter Jing Gangshan’s main artistic achievement. Contemporary influential Chinese painters, member of China Artists Association. Took advanced studying in Russian Liebin Fine Arts Institute.

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Contemporary Chinese Painters Compile traditional Chinese painting album

Contemporary Chinese Painters and Painting Album Soliloquy: compiling the album of traditional Chinese painting (a collection of my art works so far) at the request of Oriental Artists Series and was invited to make the author’s preface.

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Qutan Temple – palace building of Ming Dynasty

Qutan Temple is a typical palace-style building of early Ming Dynasty, more than five hundred years away. The temple is located in a castle of almost rectangular shape running from the west to the east with an overall layout arranged in front, middle and rear yards on a central axis. The temple is running high […]

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