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High technology originates from high intelligence or high brain power

High technology originates from people’s high intelligence or high brain power. By the greatest and all-inclusive investment to exploit the intelligence and trigger an intelligence revolution or “intelligence explosion”,we may trigger a “science explosion”! We shall utilize all forces, as is mentioned later, to do the “three optimizations”, optimization of birth through technology, optimization of […]

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Mankind at Dawn of Life Sciences

Bill Gates‘ slogan “Let each desk have a personal computer” has already begun to get old-fashioned, now, let’s put forward a new slogan that is full of revolutionary enthusiasm: “Let everyone be able to live forever”! Fighting against death is mankind’s perpetual mission,being the most revolutionary great struggle of mankind since the ancient times. In […]

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Mankind as Captives of their Concept

 What is surprising is,whatever you forecast,the truth is always underrated. Even the most extreme forecast lags behind the reality. (Negroponte)  Today,unprecedentedly great leaps have occurred in technology, which has made it possible for us to realize the great ideal of leaping to immortals. However,no corresponding great leap has ever occurred in people’s thinking and ideology. […]

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Wang Xiaoping to Transcend Alvin Toffler

What is the true source of the crisis of mankind? It is the lack of thinking on our own future. The 21st century calls for real thinkers caring about mankind’s future. I wish to be such a thinker.  In the recent two years, when people asked me what kind of books I was writing, I […]

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