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Breast cancer survivors’ life guide: how to live well after breast cancer

The American Cancer Society estimates there are some 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States, and for most of them, life never goes back to what it used to be, said Dr. Marisa C. Weiss, a breast oncologist.

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Breast Cancer Treatment Guidelines: Breast Ultrasound Mammogram Probes More Cancers Risks

Breast Cancer Treatment Guidelines: MRI Spots Even More Breast Cancers. High-Risk Women Benefit From Addition of Ultrasound to Mammography. Breast Ultrasounds Spot More Cancers. Health Check: Breast Cancer Treatment Options.

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Pink Light Walk and Breast Cancer: Raising awareness of breast cancer

Pink Light Walk: More than 175 people join ‘West End Pink Light Walk’. Jennifer Kratz, 11, of Jonas listens to Dora Arnold, a breast cancer survivor, during the fifth annual Pink Light Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness Thursday evening. More than 175 people participated in the annual event. GILBERT — The message was simple but […]

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Breast Cancer Health: Sales of half-price shoes will benefit breast cancer research

Shoe shopping isn’t usually an altruistic pastime.  Shoe shopping and Health: Sales of half-price shoes will benefit breast cancer research. Shoe shopping isn’t usually an altruistic pastime. But in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, QVC, the popular television shopping network, is selling shoes at half price, with the proceeds benefiting breast cancer research and […]

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