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Make Your Marketing Plan to Creat Most Powerful Business Marketing Tool

The single most powerful small business marketing tool on the planet is a marketing plan. Very few small business owners use a marketing plan but those that do, can’t live without it. A good plan determine how much of your marketing plan will be completed next month.

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Business Opportunities: Hottest Long-term Trends in Small Business

What’s the most profitable small businesses in nowadays? How about kids trainning or pet vacations? Here’s a look at some top business ideas that turned into great opportunities for small businesses.

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Small Business Marketing Management Tips: Small Business, Big Attention

As you are researching marketing ideas for business, business market research is essentially about gathering information about your customer, your competitionto help create ideas for your small business.

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iPad's Name Event: Women Jeer at iPad with the Name iTampon

Apple’s marketing team overlooked the possibility that the name iPad would remind people of feminine products, and now people are mocking the name with”iTampon” to point out the marketing team’s stupidity.

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Sugar Prices Continue Rising as Output Drop by 10%

Top sugar producer state Maharashtra is projected to increase its output by 3% but the recovery rate for sucrose is lower. Current data of sugar processed up to December-January shows a drop of almost 10% in UP alone and around 2.5% countrywide, compared to the same time last year.

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