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First Lie-Flat Bed Offers Economy Passengers an Easy Business Travel

For single people they have new reclining seats in premium economy. A good move for an airline that has some of the longest long haul routes in the world. There are seats designed as beds and Pillows for economy passengers.

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Overseas Travelers' Guide: International Business Travel Tips

What shold be considered when planning for an overseas trip, especaially on a world business travel? Business travel can include international world travel; check international travel coverage, take language courses and obtain foreign currency prior to overseas travel.

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Share Three Hours to Take Chicago City Views While on Business Trip

Businesswise and otherwise, the city and its suburbs are nothing if not diverse, home to Boeing and United Airlines, Kraft Foods and Sara Lee, McDonald’s and the MacArthur Foundation, as well as Playboy, Ebony, and Poetry magazines.

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Britain Business Section Hotel Rates Fell Sharply up to 20%

With all the apartment hotel equipment you could possibly desire. Hotel rates in Britain’s key business destinations have fallen by between 5 and 20% in the past year, according to figures from business travel agency HRG. Business travellers are getting wi-fi and breakfast included in rates.

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Travel Safety Tips: How to Protect from Falling Ill on Trip

Whether you are on a trip for business or pleasure, getting sick is probably not to your willings. But it is unavoidable, coming down with a cold, developing a fever, or catching a stomach bug is annoying anytime.

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Business Travel Tips: Pick a Good Plane Seat

Once you have chosen your carrier, pick your seat! With so many companies cutting back on business class, choosing a seat has become far more important.

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