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Grand View Garden: Dream of the Red Chamber’s Large Landscaped Garden

The Merry Red Court. This is the living place of Jiaboyu. Chamber of “Merry Red and Delightful Green”. This is Jia Baoyu’s bedroom. Xiaoxiang Lodge. This is the courtyard of Lin Daiyu.

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Five Dragon Pavilions to Come Fishing and Enjoy the Moon

The Five Dragon Pavilions. This is where emperors and empresses used to come fishing or enjoy the moon.

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Sanjiangyuan – Source Water Systems of Yellow River Changjiang River Lanchang River

 Sanjiangyuan – Source of Three Rivers – three major water systems of Yellow River, Changjiang River and Lanchang River The terrain of Qinghai is divided into mountains, hills and basins three stages. Featured by high mountains and widespread glaciers, the first stage is composed of Kunlun Mountain, Tanggula Mountain and Bayangela Mountain in the south. […]

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