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Checking by Practice and Correct Attribution

The saying “Practice is the only criteria for checking truth” raised an ideological revolution,becoming the basic turning point for China to walk up onto the broad road of reform and opening. Truth must be checked by practice. What has succeeded in practice is reliable and correct;What has failed in practice is unreliable and wrong. Nevertheless,practice […]

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China Thought on Longivity – Eternal Living

Freedom is a very moving word. Freedom is as light as a cloud and also as heavy as the Mother Earth. Pursuing eternal life means pursuing the infinitely great “primary freedom”, that is, the most important and most essential freedom of everyone. Eternal life, just as its name implies,is endless survival or limitless prolonging of […]

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Longevity can make greatness even greater

Longevity can make greatness even greater,and make splendor even more splendid. The most splendid achievement of Deng Xiaoping, the general designer of China’s reform, was made after his venerable age of 73.Without his long life, there would be no brilliant achievement of today, and even a tragedy like Zhuge Liang‘s “death before the victory” might […]

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Immortality seekers among Chinese emperors

Anyone fears death, anyone longs for a boundless life and a boundless youth. Whether you are a high official or a humble lackey;Whether you are a statesman, entrepreneur, artist, or an ordinary person, no one is exception. Only that emperors’ demand for this is more urgent. The reason is also very simple: their life is […]

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China Movement of seeking to become immortals and gods

 Faced with the sorrow of “When can life return after death?” and “Enjoy wine and song while we can, for life is short” (famous poem lines in ancient China), of course, great people like First Emperor of Qin Dynasty, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, Second Emperor of Tang Dynasty and so on, were not willing […]

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