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Theory of Surpassing Traditional Industry

In 1820, china’s economy was the best in the world, the GNP of china accounted for 1/3 of the world total. But why we lagged behind later? Being conservative and refusing industry revolution made us pay a big price. We suffered a lot in the recent 100 years and lagged behind for about two centuries. […]

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High Technology and High Humanity

What is the essential meaning of the New Economy that has raised such a great unrest in the whole world? After the New Economy, what economy will follow? What are the most essential five major demands of humanity? Why will the future economy be a union between high technology and high humanity? How to combine […]

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China Children life – Chinese Future

China children’s life – Chinese Future Children are the flowers, hopes and the future of our motherland.  If we want to make them live happily, we must create a splendid future for them. If we want them to enjoy a merry childhood, to cultivate their hearts to love, we must let them learn necessary knowledge, […]

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