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Huizhou Transit Roadway broke ground yesterday

The launching ceremony of Huizhou Transit Roadway project was held at Jiangbei Sanxin yesterday, which was the first good news for Huizhou citizens in new year.

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God-sleeping Industry and Eternal Life Economy

God-sleeping means taking a long sleep like a god,waiting for resurgence or revival later. Today,the fast progress in nanometer technology, stem cell technology and other high technologies, has offered the chance for us to “revive” some day…  Those who are zealous for revival through refrigeration are just the elite of the time, that is, excellent […]

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High Technology and High Humanity

What is the essential meaning of the New Economy that has raised such a great unrest in the whole world? After the New Economy, what economy will follow? What are the most essential five major demands of humanity? Why will the future economy be a union between high technology and high humanity? How to combine […]

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