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Traditions and Customs of China Salar Nationality

Camel Spring is deemed as a magic spring by the Salar people. It is said when the ancestor of the Salar people came to the nearby of the Yellow River from Mid-Asia, the white camel accompanying him sat at the foot of a mountain and became a jade camel spraying a spring from its mouth. […]

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Youth gone in an instant and beauty lost in a moment

“Youth is gone in an instant, and beauty is lost in a moment!” Xiao Feng chimed in: “I heard this was the sentence most often Spoken by women with a deep sigh in those days.”  “What a pity! So to speak, countless beautiful girls were disfeatured by the sharp knife of time! But in those […]

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Twelve Girls Band, China

There are some problems in performance style of national music. The music works of ‘Twelve Girls Band’ should be a breakthrough in composition and are quite cultured in rhythm. They are very pleasant to listen. Of course, they also must continuously exert the special skills of ‘Twelve Girls Band’ in musical performance. Because in the […]

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