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Wang Xiaoping Resume, Author of The Second Declaration

Wang Xiaoping, an author of best sellers, a scholar-typed orator and thinker,reputed as “Talented Girl”, “World-Shocking Genius”, “Goddess of Wisdom” and so on.  All her books have been listed as best sellers, such as Dacheng success Theory, Ability Panic,  The Second Declaration and so on, winning wide recognition from readers of all walks of life, […]

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The Second Declaration – Chinese Bestseller by Wang Xiaoping

The Second Declaration was Written By Wang Xiaoping the Chinese writer. It is an unprecedented marvelous book that will produce a far-reaching effect on mankind and the whole world. The Second Declaration is a bestseller on the secret of wealth that will turn out numerous multimillionaires and billionaires in future. The Second Declaration is a life textbook […]

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