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Happiness Formula of Mankind

Makarenko said, if a person had no pleasure before him, he would not exist in this world.           “If there are things I don’t like in Heaven, I won’t go there;If there are things I don’t like in Hell, I won’t go there;If there are things I don’t like in your future gold world,I won’t go […]

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Human Shall Learn Classical Novel Pilgrimage to the West

Chinese classical novel titled Journey to the West is well-known work in all the Chinese world. It has the other title Pilgrimage to the West. In the novel, the most attractive, most impressive and most lovable figure is Sun Wukong the Monkey King.  Sun Wukong started as a little stone monkey, rushed into the Dragon Palace to […]

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Why Wang Xiaoping Wrote The Second Declaration

Why should man fall ill and die? How to avoid such a tragic finale? That is the supreme truth mankind should seek. With regard to this supreme truth, in the several thousand years, no saint or wise people were able to find the right answer. Sakyamuni gave up everything in order to save mankind, but […]

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Wang Xiaoping thinks wisely in The Second Declaration

Wang Xiaoping, a wise maiden thinks wisely, utters her wisdom, shows her wise concern for mankind and displays her sparking talent. Wang Xiaoping  is opening her wings of ideal,hovering in the future world, and showing her unique charm. The future is based on the present, the past signifies the present, and the present signifies the […]

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THE SECOND DECLARATION combines Confucianism and Taoism the Souls Of Chinese Culture

In fact, the book THE SECOND DECLARATION is a very important work that combines the souls of Chinese Culture and the features of modern times. Chinese culture embodies on Confucianism and Taoism in its souls. Confucianism refers to “kindheartedness, harmony and cooperation” in its core thought, while Taoism to “Cultivate Yourself to be Immortal”. Modern […]

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