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Becoming gods to maximize mankind joy

Omniscience and omnipotence means reaching the peak in wisdom and ability.  For a person, wisdom and ability are the roots of his joy. Sukhomlinskkie said quite well: “One person’s happiness is just the happiness of a society, and after all, it depends on the abilities shown in the person and depends on the outstanding abilities […]

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Eternal life and daylong ecstasy constitute the overall goal of becoming immortals

One point is worth noting specially: what we seek is daylong ecstasy,that is, not only “ecstasy”, but also “daylong ecstasy”, which is to say,we must put people into a state of utmost joy in all the 24 hours of a day. On the one hand,we may use technological means to reduce human sleeping time. A […]

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Mankind will get inexhaustible joy

In reforming the external world for “daylong ecstasy”, there are even more methods:  By dint of the power of high technology,especially the virtual reality technology, we may help people realize any wish,so as to expand the channels of joy greatly.  If you are fond of playing in the bar but you do not have the […]

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Daylong ecstasy and eternal life: two major goals of becoming gods

The two major goals of becoming gods are “daylong ecstasy” and “eternal life”. Daylong ecstasy is the maximization of “the daily amount of joy”. Eternal life will maximize the “number of days of joy”, so, the time effect of joy will have no bound or end, reaching eternity. Hence,according to the joy calculation formula,the joy […]

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Immortal represents a leap of mankind

 If mankind wants to evolve into immortals Immortal represents a leap of mankind, being the most ideal superhuman without aging or death, omniscient and omnipotent, extremely benevolent and beautiful, living an extremely happy life all day long. If we use a formula to express it, it is like this:  “Immortal” = living forever + omniscient […]

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