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Development Views on New Mankind

 All problems are chiefly ascribable to the development problem whereas the soul of the development problem lies in the development theory.  The problem of becoming “gods” is actually the problem of human development. Development is the theme of the world of the present age, and is also the theme of the present China. “Only development […]

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Longevity can make greatness even greater

Longevity can make greatness even greater,and make splendor even more splendid. The most splendid achievement of Deng Xiaoping, the general designer of China’s reform, was made after his venerable age of 73.Without his long life, there would be no brilliant achievement of today, and even a tragedy like Zhuge Liang‘s “death before the victory” might […]

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Mankind oath in USA Kennedy Space Navigation Center

 So long as we can dream,we can turn it true. Mankind’s oath engraved in the gate of USA Kennedy Space Navigation Center. Here it refers to Greatest Idealism VS Greatest Realism  Hawthorne says: “Ideal is the master of the world.”  For a ship without a definite course, wind from any direction is a dead wind. […]

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New Concept of Development in New Century

Development is of overriding importance. Mr. Deng Xiaoping’s famous saying has become Chinese people’s belief. For the development, we should take into account: what development do we need? What shall we do? If we let Marx come to life, leave him 24 hours to get to know the new world, firstly give him 3 hours […]

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