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Online Update: What’s New in Amsterdam Travel

Inspired by the annual fashion weeks in Milan, New York and Paris, Amsterdam International Fashion Week takes its turn. Amsterdam’s old harbor along the waterfront continues to develop, and to welcome new residents, businesses, and dining and entertainment venues.

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Intimate Suggestions for Scotland Travel

Scotland is an easy place to travel around and has a wealth of things to see, do, eat and drink. Before you go, though, it’s worth knowing a few essentials that will ensure a smooth trip.

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Switzerland Tour Guide: Reminiscent, Exciting Trip to Mount Rigi After Dark

Every Friday evening, until March 26, 2010, the world’s oldest operable electric cogwheel train (built in 1911) crawls from Goldau to the summit of the Rigi for an unforgettable fondue experience.

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Travel Across German Four Leading Automakers’ Museums

Touring the Temples of German Automaking, much of my time — a total of five days — was spent ogling old cars. Also, new cars. Racing cars. Some Americans tour Europe not to enjoy the food, or to pay homage to the cathedrals, or to shop on Oxford Street or Boulevard Haussmann. They go to see the museums.

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Europe Tour: The Charm of Norway Nature Scenery

Norway is expensive, but its spectacular fjords are worth the price of traveling, and the great scenery and affable ambience are free. Nature is the real draw here. It’s a land of intense beauty, with famously steep mountains and deep fjords carved out and shaped by an ancient ice age.

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Travel Information and Travel Guide on Finland

Finland is an inspirational country, full of Finns, who are independent, loyal, warm and welcoming. It’s a golden, sunny season when Finland bursts into life with an explosion of festivals, good cheer and optimism. It’s a time when the towns are buzzing, but it’s also a time to head for the lakelands of Mikkeli & around and Lappeenranta.

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Top Travel Story in Paris 2009

Well before midsummer, the sun sets late over Paris. Even at 9 p.m., you can sit on the banks of the Canal St.-Martin in the 10th Arrondissement, and see in the still water the reflection of the sky, a blue mottled with thin clouds, and the low pale buildings with their amber lights just turned on, and the ruffled, fractal edge of the trees in full green bloom. Night seems as if it will never come.

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First joint venture between European and Asian Tour be hold in February

India will host a new European Tour event in February, the Avantha Masters in New Delhi worth 1.5 million euros (1.3 million pounds).

It will be the first tournament of a joint venture between the European Tour and the Asian Tour, to be known as EurAsia Golf. The Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI) is the other partner in the tri-sanctioned event.

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Ancient buildings – San Marino is the oldest country in Europe

San Marino is the oldest country in Europe Up to the present, it still keeps ancient castles, city walls and buildings as old as several hundred years. These ancient buildings erect high into the sky among surrounding mountains. These buildings have magnificent out appearances and shine brilliantly with colors inside. The climate of San Marino […]

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