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European Most Romantic Destinations for Luxury Honeymoon Travel

Europe is filled with romantic resorts, is a good choice to enjoy your romantic love and wedding with your sweetheart. But what are considered the most romantic destinations in Europe? Check out our favorite five.

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Places to Warm Up in Frozen Weather: Northern Europe Winter Escape

One way to deal with wild weather is to be out in it. Northern Europe is still shivering in the this winter’s formidably icy grip. And with no end in sight it felt like high time to wrap up and get out there.

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Scenery and Spots Along Southern New England Countryside

Do you know what are there 134 Miles of Yankee Charm? Green hills, a rocky coast and white-steepled Colonial towns — that’s the definition of southern New England, and every summer traffic thickens as travelers swarm in search of it. In eastern Connecticut, where farms and Colonial homes provide much of the scenery.

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Stroll along the Dark, Quite Byways for Venice’s Intrinsic Beauty

There is no better way to allow the city’s intrinsic beauty to cast its spell than to wander its dark, quiet byways. End your stroll at the foot of the Rialto Bridge for a nightcap.

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Visit Cluny Museum in Paris to Find the Roman Antiquities

Tourists today tend to gravitate to its few remnants — the baths in the Cluny Museum, traces from when Paris was Roman. PARIS, or Lutetia, as it was known in ancient Gaul, was sacked, fortified and rebuilt by the Romans.

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Europe Tour Guide: Irish Brightest Part Is Waving Hand

It’s said that Ireland, once visited, is never forgotten. The Irish landscape has a mythic resonance, the country’s history is almost tangible.

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Winter trips to London, cold weather but warm memories

London dazzles year-round, but for a true “back door” experience, consider visiting in winter, when airfares and hotel rates are generally cheaper — and there are fewer tourists.

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First joint venture between European and Asian Tour be hold in February

India will host a new European Tour event in February, the Avantha Masters in New Delhi worth 1.5 million euros (1.3 million pounds).

It will be the first tournament of a joint venture between the European Tour and the Asian Tour, to be known as EurAsia Golf. The Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI) is the other partner in the tri-sanctioned event.

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Ancient buildings – San Marino is the oldest country in Europe

San Marino is the oldest country in Europe Up to the present, it still keeps ancient castles, city walls and buildings as old as several hundred years. These ancient buildings erect high into the sky among surrounding mountains. These buildings have magnificent out appearances and shine brilliantly with colors inside. The climate of San Marino […]

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