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Birth improvement through technology is eugenics through high technology

Birth improvement through technology is eugenics through high technology, that is, using the great breakthrough in today’s genetics, the amazing gene engineering, to reform human genetic gene. By all-round reform of the genetic gene, it is to optimize human natural predisposition in all aspects, so as to provide the optimal material basis (material source) for […]

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Organ transplantation: freeing body from damage

The only cause of many people’s death is the damage of an organ which endangers the life. Nevertheless,now, the day will come soon when all the organs of the human body can receive artificial transplantation,and the function of the artificial organs may improve limitlessly. Organ transplantation is one of the disciplines with the fastest speed […]

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Stem Cell Research and Anti-aging Technology

Besides the gene engineering,people have found the great value of the stem cell to ageless life. In December 1999,US journal Science announced the results of rating of the scientific progress of the world of the year, in which the research findings in the stem cell were listed in the top position of the ten major […]

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Gene Research on human genome project

The successful completion of the human genome project will be an unprecedentedly great science finding,and will bring about a great hope for eternal life. A parasitologist in US State Institute of Health, Michael Gotlib said: “We have always been path-finding under a street lamp. Now,we have seen all the problems clearly at last.” The great […]

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Man will have Gods Beauty and Virtues

Gods or Immortals also have the best appearance. People always use “goddess” to describe a beautiful look, often say “pretty as a fairy”, and always regard “immortals” as the most beautiful. The ancient philosopher, Zhuangzi, described gods as “having the skin like ice and snow, graceful as a virgin”, every one of them is a […]

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