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Searing back pain: get hysterectomy?

Searing back pain: get hysterectomy? One-third of all women get a hysterectomy before they turn 60. Some experts think two-thirds of them don’t need it. Searing back pain. Endless periods with clots the size of plums. Bloating that turns even your “fat” pants into a tourniquet. Every year, symptoms like these drive thousands of women […]

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Healthy Bargain, exercise shorts from Target

Healthy Bargain, exercise shorts from Target What was your healthiest bargain? Was it a pair of exercise shorts from Target? Homemade trail mix? Mail-order prescriptions? Tell us about your best health buy below. Include your name, age and city, and we may use your tip in an upcoming issue of Health. Be sure to include […]

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Protect yourself: 5 Health Care Tips for Spring

Protect yourself: 3 Health Care tips for Spring With spring right around the corner, it’s time to shed the winter doldrums — and any bad health habits you might have picked up. Here are 10 tips to get your body and mind recharged for the new season. Many cases of sexually transmitted diseases are escaping detection […]

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