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Pursuit of happiness resulted in unhappiness for hedonism

For thousands of years, mankind’s pursuit of happiness has resulted in unhappiness actually, which is just the ill effect of hedonism. We are seeking happiness to the top of our bent, but the happiness we are seeking is: Happy combination between corporal joy and spiritual joy; Happy combination between the present joy and the long-term […]

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Pleasure is the supreme end of human being

One of the founders of Communist Party of China, Mr. Li Dazhao, also advocated clearly: “Only the life philosophy of seeking joy is the natural and true life philosophy.” Mr. Yu Guangyuan, the eminent scholar of our time, believes in the “joy” philosophy,and has named himself as “a great player”,saying: “Isn’t socialism just for making people […]

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Happiness Formula of Mankind

Makarenko said, if a person had no pleasure before him, he would not exist in this world.           “If there are things I don’t like in Heaven, I won’t go there;If there are things I don’t like in Hell, I won’t go there;If there are things I don’t like in your future gold world,I won’t go […]

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