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Science creates gods, technology boosts the abrupt change from man to god

Science and technology create gods; Science and technology constitute the way for the abrupt change from man to god. Labor creates mankind; Labor is the way for the abrupt change from ape to man. “One person equals one country”, that is the value of a great genius! One person may change one country’s position in […]

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High technology originates from high intelligence or high brain power

High technology originates from people’s high intelligence or high brain power. By the greatest and all-inclusive investment to exploit the intelligence and trigger an intelligence revolution or “intelligence explosion”,we may trigger a “science explosion”! We shall utilize all forces, as is mentioned later, to do the “three optimizations”, optimization of birth through technology, optimization of […]

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Labor created mankind and technology creates immortals

    The ancients’ dream of becoming immortal has lasted for several thousand years. With regard to such a dream, most people think it is only in the clouds, being beautiful but incredible. Let Immortals Step down the Altar.The legend on immortals is of long standing in China.  What is the “immortal” like in the eyes […]

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High Technology and High Humanity

What is the essential meaning of the New Economy that has raised such a great unrest in the whole world? After the New Economy, what economy will follow? What are the most essential five major demands of humanity? Why will the future economy be a union between high technology and high humanity? How to combine […]

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