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How to Become Immortal? Do You Believe in Immortality of the Soul?

Tips on how to become immortal? Do You Believe in Immortality of the Soul? Do you want to live forever? What if I told you… you can? Life seeks to be immortal

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Godly brain and immortal life in knowledge productive force

Making explosion in knowledge productive force, on the one hand, will depend on the increase of number of people engaged in knowledge production (once mankind is liberated from material production, all the several billion people may join knowledge production); and what is more important,it will depend on whether mankind will adopt the godly brain system […]

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Man Will Live Such a Long Life As God Does

In Chapter of Tolerance of Zhuangzi, there is a story about Yellow Emperor going into the mountains to seek the Way. Yellow Emperor ruled China for nineteen years, and his ruling was free from corruption. When he heard Guangchengzi (a sage) was living in Kongtong Mountain, he went to visit him. He said to Guangchengzi: […]

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China Thought on Longivity – Eternal Living

Freedom is a very moving word. Freedom is as light as a cloud and also as heavy as the Mother Earth. Pursuing eternal life means pursuing the infinitely great “primary freedom”, that is, the most important and most essential freedom of everyone. Eternal life, just as its name implies,is endless survival or limitless prolonging of […]

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Chinese people never stop to become immortal

 Today, when mentioning that god-seeking history, many people cannot help sneering at it. Indeed, in today’s point of view, their practice was really laughable! Yet, we might as well give a cool and careful analysis:Which should be sneered at, their means, or their purpose to “become immortal”? By becoming “immortal”, we could not only get […]

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China Movement of seeking to become immortals and gods

 Faced with the sorrow of “When can life return after death?” and “Enjoy wine and song while we can, for life is short” (famous poem lines in ancient China), of course, great people like First Emperor of Qin Dynasty, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, Second Emperor of Tang Dynasty and so on, were not willing […]

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