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Life economy is the representative of future economy

Life economy is the representative of future economy, and is the leading power of future economy. Only by developing life economy can we win the future.  The 1000-year Longevity Industry and Life Economy Life economy is the economy that prolongs people’s life, and raises the quality of people’s life. In life economy, the 1000-year longevity […]

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Organism gene technology and life sciences put the laurel of God onto scientists heads

Science has won brilliant victories one after another, and science is speeding up mankind’s progress increasingly, making all impossibilities into possibilities very soon. As early as the 17th century,Bacon said, “Science has made us closer to God”. In the present 21st century, the organism gene technology and life science and technology have already put the […]

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Mankind needs second Renaissance

In the 21st century,mankind needs a second Renaissance,that is, a stormy ideological revolution! Only after the second Renaissance has come can an even greater technological revolution follow. Technological revolution and ideological revolution are the twin wings for mankind’s flight. Only when both wings have been used together can mankind soar to the incomparable fine world […]

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