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National Bank of China: Business Banking Solutions and Monopoly Electronic Banking Instructions

National Bank of China performs the bank-wide data concentration project. Updates the new generation of comprehensive business system, and strengthens the development of electronic banking, especially of online banking. Its difference with overseas modern commercial banks is stably decreased in electronicalization construction

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Creative Technology Team, Online Banking Solutions and E-Banking Systems

Creative Technology Team for Online Banking Solutions. Because knowledge and intellectuals are respected in NBC, the National Bank of China has gathered a lot of excellent technological talents. All technological personnel are making great efforts to construct the NBC e-banking system in the new century.

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Electronic Infrastructure and Online Banking ePayments: Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures

Solid Electronic Infrastructure and Online Banking ePayments: National Bank of China has greatly improved in processing capacity, and self-service and equipment has further improved, and intensive management has been in effect. 10,000 ATMs, more than 70,000 POSes, 80 new self-service banks, and 1.014 billion sums of monthly electronic business volumes.

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Production and Operations Management Further Strengthened in Online Banking Services

NBC has formulated production and operation management process, and strengthened the technological management. It has further strengthened the computer security of the National Bank of China, and finished the layout of the bank system and network security system, and performed the security and reformation project of the data center network of the head office.

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Mail Server Report Hoax Virus Warning Reflects Internet Fragility

Mail Server Report Hoax Incident Abstract: Mail Server Report 2009 gave us a lesson on Hoax Virus. Warning email message ruins your confidence and destroy anything on your infected computer.

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