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Budget Travel Tips: Affordable Florence Journey

Florence is the land of the Renaissance, the home of the intelligentsia and masterworks, the purveyors of handmade shoes and the finest leather, and the stage for exquisite food and top-flight wine. Florence still has the ability to surprise, with modern art, specialty shops and trendy bars. In other words, it’ll cost you. But if you know where to look, you’ll see that some euros go farther than others.

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A City of Dreams, Romantic Florence Become Mecca for Travelers

Florence, the city of the lily, gave birth to the Renaissance and changed the way we see the world. For centuries it has captured the imagination of travelers, who have come seeking rooms with views and phenomenal art.

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Stroll along the Dark, Quite Byways for Venice’s Intrinsic Beauty

There is no better way to allow the city’s intrinsic beauty to cast its spell than to wander its dark, quiet byways. End your stroll at the foot of the Rialto Bridge for a nightcap.

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Rent a Villa and Taste Red Wine in Umbrian Estate

Campari? Crostini? Step Into My Umbrian Estate. For a personal Journey, the region has a number of beautiful, yet simple and rustic farm rentals that are available by the day or by the week. It is not exactly my olive oil estate. But it feels like mine.

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Oltrarno District of Florence, A Growing Community of Artists

As often is the case in Italy, the countercultural heart of the Oltrarno is on the street, artists lead the way in the Oltrarno District of Florence. On a midsummer afternoon in the courtyard of a former convent, a musical performance illustrated the shape of changes taking hold in the Oltrarno district of Florence.

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Italy Travel Guide: Discovering Parma through Stendhal

From a practical point of view, “The Charterhouse of Parma” makes a lousy guidebook. An ardent fan of all things Italian, and a brilliant, impressionistic travel writer, Stendhal could have bequeathed to the ages an unforgettable prose portrait of Parma, the small, sleepy, provincial northern Italian city where most of the action of his great novel takes place.

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