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Affordable Japan Travel Guide: New ‘Price Cruncher’ for Two-week Trip

Japan, this intriguing country is renowned for being expensive. Fans of Japan often say its reputation for emptying a tourist’s wallet faster than you can say “konnichiwa” is exaggerated. What’s certainly true is that if you spend a lot in this land of high design, delicate aesthetics and unfailingly polite service, you’re spoilt silly. Here we try out a new ‘Price Cruncher’ tour that could put it within your reach.

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Relax in Hot Pools: Japan’s Famous Hot Springs Directory

Japanese have enjoyed hot springs for centuries, and travel to hot springs often throughout the year. We have the colection of some most famous hot springs in Japan, you can choose anyone to have a relax experience.

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20th Anniversary for Tour establishment of China and Thailand

The 20th Anniversary for the establishment of China and Thailand China and Thailand established their diplomatic relationship in 1975. The cultural communication in-between the two countries develop continuously. China held a series of exhibitions in Thailand including the exhibition of “jade clothes sewn with gold wire”, “Qin pottery figures” and “Chinese paintings”. Thailand also held […]

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