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University of Oxford: Legal Educator Have No Responsibility to Train Lawyers

Law school which sees its role as the training of lawyers, except in the sense of training them to think deeply about the law, has lost its way. The law school is a place to study, to examine, to criticise and to suggest reform to, the body of norms that constitute a given legal system.

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Legal Educator to Encourage Student-Led Learning in Legal Doctrine

Our system of examinations is also designed to encourage student-led learning. The second task of the legal educator must be to encourage the student, not only to be versed in legal doctrine, but to be its constant critic. A law school must operate as a part of the broader University and with a view to its proper role in the legal system.

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Discuss Legal Education and the Rule of Law on the Role of Law Educator

Legal Education and the Rule of Law on the Role of Law Educator: Students only learn the shape of the legal map and explore its major territories. But we are committed to our system because we believe that, as a process of guided self-instruction, it develops independence of mind and an ability in the student to think for herself.

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