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Mankind oath in USA Kennedy Space Navigation Center

 So long as we can dream,we can turn it true. Mankind’s oath engraved in the gate of USA Kennedy Space Navigation Center. Here it refers to Greatest Idealism VS Greatest Realism  Hawthorne says: “Ideal is the master of the world.”  For a ship without a definite course, wind from any direction is a dead wind. […]

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Mankind Will evolve into immortals and Live Forever

 In Beijing’s Great Hall of Science, the atmosphere is fervent,with a lot of excited people. Although any person in the global village talk directly with the great people via his(her) personal satellite system, yet, the great fans of Mao Zedong, Darwin, Confucius, Bacon, Li Bai and so on are willing to pay an extremely high […]

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Dream and Truth – Where Mankind will go

Dream and Truth – Where Mankind will go May 5, 2055 is a day of historical meaning. Who can imagine, by taking out a cell from the hair to clone, plus the magical artificial intelligence system, we can “revive” a dead great person? Not long ago, the top life scientists and artificial intelligence experts in […]

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